Citrus Landing HOA owners payment info only:

Citrus Landing HOA does not currently allow online or electronic payments.

Payments must be check or money order payable to Citrus Landing HOA. Mailed to:

PO BOX 1383 Valrico FL 33595

Coupon Payments

When making your association payments with a coupon from your coupon book please mail it to the address on the coupon. Mailing it to the Blue Ribbon Office only delays it getting credited to your account. You can also make payments WITH your coupon at any BB&T bank branch.

Association Payment Info Center

Association coupon books have instructions on setting up auto payments.

​Automatic payments are Free.

​Visit to set up automatic payments

Cash Payments

Cash payments can only be made at BB&T bank branches. This will require a payment coupon when paying in this method. 

Coupon books are mailed out directly from the bank. 

Do you need to order a replacement coupon book? Please compete the from below. A fee of $9.99 will be added to your account ledger to cover the cost of the new book.

Gate Remotes and Pool Keys.

When purchasing gate remotes and pool keys please send the check to Blue Ribbon Property Management. Make the Check Payable to your association. Please do not send cash. Make sure you list the name of your association and where you need the items mailed. 

Call us today: (813) 684-9374

​Toll Free: 1-888-976-0275